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My aims are to promote reason and humanism. An enormous undertaking, I know. I compare the past with current events and examine why we repeat our ancestor’s follies. The cause for much of our species’ vices can be directly attributed to totalitarian ideologies. This extends to fascist regimes that have replaced religion with an alternative form of absolute authority. However, the template for these regimes can be found within the great – not so great - monotheisms of our day. Over the past decade we have had an increase in religious fervor. Of which, despite the best efforts of apologists to skew, we have numerous examples of unethical behavior. This alone should be enough to gain the attention of every self-respecting, moral individual; but superstition has a way of clouding even the most rational of minds. Since absolutism doesn’t rest with unethical behavior, I am forced to address the effects that the credulous are playing on human progress. Finally, to avoid raising issues without providing solutions, I will review the virtues of humanist principles; the most important of which is compromise.

“The knowledge of the great events produced in the world through many centuries, and digested by solid and active minds, will serve to fortify the reason in all important deliberations.”

- Will Durant