Death as a Value

Enquiries on Atheism

Death, prima facie, is a distressing prospect. The anxiety that it provokes upon reflection would seem to reveal unambiguous consequences; namely, that death – the secession of consciousness – is an evil, for it is difficult to reason why one would fear that which is good. That we harbor a strong attachment to life, moreover, seems to indicate that there are reasons for doing so; that is to say, there is something desirable about life itself, which can perhaps be parsed out as various aspirations. If this is the case, then life becomes the medium in which these aspirations are pursued, and death, it would seem to follow, prevents the continuation of a good thing. But this, and conclusions similar to this, are palliative at best – they address the apparent consequences of death but fail to penetrate the surface. In the course of this essay it will be…

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Categories: Philosophy

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