The Distinction Between Validity and Soundness

Second essay on Presuppositionalism…

Enquiries on Atheism

This is my second essay on Presuppositional Apologetics (PA). If you’re interested, you can find the first here. In my first essay I gave a terse – or as BBG called it here – a pedantic history of Idealism and the ontological/cosmological arguments. He didn’t object to the history, but thought it was superfluous since the specific arguments are not applicable to his own – I disagree, I think they are related even if they are not identical. I will acknowledge, however, that I have not seen his specific arguments as they relate to Idealism, which led me to speculate and ultimately to describe a brief development of this school of thought. My presumption, insofar as assuming that Idealism is central to his philosophy, is the result of certain conclusions implicit therein; but also from his description of his philosophy as “a mixture of Cartesian dualism with a penchant…

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