May I presuppose premises that support my presupposed conclusion?


Enquiries on Atheism

I’d like to preface this response by saying that I was initially intrigued by this debate, but now I am less enthusiastic. BBG has been waiting for counter-arguments, and my new friend Godless Cranium (GC) and my old friend Ark have repeatedly insisted on evidence. I think this is an appropriate response, but nevertheless I’d like to approach this form of apologetics from an alternative angle.  You can find the original articles from BBG and GC here, here, here and here.

The point of presuppositional apologetics is not to present evidence, it is to take advantage of certain assumptions that we all must make – whether we are conscious of having to do so – and extending these assumptions to the realm of religion, and then asserting that the presupposition is a necessary condition for the intelligibility of our assumptions. GC is right in pointing out, however…

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