Top 10 Most Common Atheist Arguments, and Why They Fail – #2

Enquiries on Atheism

As some of you are aware, we here at Enquiries on Atheism have been responding, as of late, to the tortuously unsophisticated arguments of a Christian apologist from Pravmir. Now, I selected those adjectives – tortuously unsophisticated – in anticipation that, with any luck, we may induce our antagonist to become indignant. Indignant, that is, for he has betrayed his satisfaction in infantile rebukes, which can only mean that either he has endeavored to avoid familiarizing himself with his opponent’s position, or his understanding thereof is entirely wanting; and of course, these two possibilities are not exclusive. It is ironic, moreover, that Eric should differentiate between “new atheists” and “profound philosophical atheists of yesteryear.” That is, while conceding that today’s Christian apologists are often as unsophisticated as their “new atheist” counterparts, he considers, one supposes, that his arguments are refined and philosophically sound – an exemplification of his scant…

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