Sparkling Stars and Melting Snowflakes

Enquiries on Atheism

A few of my colleagues already answered this question, but we agreed that it would be worthwhile to provide you, the enquirer, multiple perspectives.  This is my terse answer to an extremely shallow question.

If God does not exist, what is the purpose of educating yourself?  You will die, and if your works live on after your death, eventually nobody will be around to see those either.  If you simply want to educate yourself for the benefit of yourself, what do you objectively gain by the endeavor?

First, I must admit, I don’t really understand what objectivity has to do with the benefits of education.  I presume that by “objectivity” the enquirer meant, “Gains that exceed the limitations of personal experience.”  Thus, my interpretation may be wrong, in which case I respectfully insist that the enquirer elaborate.

StarsAt any rate, objectivity, in the sense that anyone’s education can be beneficial…

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