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Is the Catholic Church the defender of objective morals?

Enquiries on Atheism

MosesOn November 24, 2013 Pope Francis gave a speech at Saint Peter’s Basilica.[i]  The speech was entitled Evangelii Guadium, and in it he described the many dangers that their faith is currently facing.  Under chapter II, Amid the Crisis of Communal Commitment, Some Cultural Challenges, Pope Francis had the following to say about secularization:

“64. The process of secularization tends to reduce the faith and the Church to the sphere of the private and personal. Furthermore, by completely rejecting the transcendent, it has produced a growing deterioration of ethics, a weakening of the sense of personal and collective sin, and a steady increase in relativism…”

“65. Despite the tide of secularism which has swept our societies, in many countries – even those where Christians are a minority – the Catholic Church is considered a credible institution by public opinion, and trusted for her solidarity and concern…

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