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Why are you betraying Jesus?  He died for you.

Adam and EveWho is this ‘Jesus’ and why did he have to die for me?  What did I do that required his death?  Struck by the temerity of this question, I vacillated between the different approaches one could take in addressing it.  Should I question the historicity of Jesus?  Maybe, but that would be rather boring.  Should I declare that betrayal is only possible if one believes in the entity that is being betrayed?  After all, if I lose my tooth and don’t put it under my pillow, am I betraying the tooth fairy?  What good is a tooth to a nonexistent being?  How can I betray something that I don’t believe in?

No, I think I’ll examine this from a different perspective.  It is late, I can’t sleep – a recipe for poor writing, I know – and I’m in a…

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