Can the true nature of reality be known?

Enquiries on Atheism

By Robert A. Vella

Question from Logan Rees:  Do you believe that our logic, and thereby our science, can or will someday explain the entirety of reality. Can the true nature of reality be known?

Before getting into the issue of reality, let’s clear up the first part of the question.  Logic is not the same as science.  Logic is both the application and study of reasoning.  It is essential to the general fields of mathematics and philosophy, and to specific fields such as computer programming.  Science is the systematic pursuit of knowledge through verifiable observation and experimentation.  Logic is rational.  Science is empirical.  The ongoing debate between these two positions is quite evident on this blog and among its various authors.

For the record, I am an empiricist and it is from that viewpoint with which I will answer the question.

If you throw a…

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  1. Interesting post. In your stone example however neither science nor logic can fully explain the why because the real answer lies within the person who threw it. Annoyingly I suppose the only way to know that is for the person to tell you.

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