Thus Spoke Reasonable Doubt

Enquiries on Atheism

bookreaderDo you hate the fact that you really know there is a God, and that you are simply rebelling like a spiteful child?

There is a quiz on that enables each of us to evaluate our spiritual health.  At the end of this extensive quiz (two whole questions!) we are presented with an exposition with respect to the answers we provided.  Like the featured question of this post, Rapture Ready posits that my lack of belief is motivated by emotions, not logic.  Fair enough, let us review the source of my non-belief more thoroughly.


The earliest forms of deities were based on fear.  Our minds seem to search for signs of predictability.  When something unpredictable occurs, we project anthropomorphic characteristics onto otherwise inanimate objects.  A rock falls on my brother and kills him.  Why did that occur?  To regain a degree of control over the situation, I might…

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