Pompous Fascinations

Enquiries on Atheism

“Why wouldn’t you believe in God? I understand that atheists choose not to believe in a God. As humans we can believe and do pretty much whatever we want, of course with consequences to some things which carry harsher punishments than others. As a Christian I choose to believe in Christ and a higher being. Well because I can? I just don’t see how we could be on earth for all these years and it mean absolutely nothing. Why wouldn’t you take a chance and believe there is a God, just in case?”

This, as you can see, features a variety of different questions.  I’m going to approach this methodically by breaking it into three different classifications:

  1. Pascal’s Wager
  2. Epistemology
  3. Sentimentalism

The first portion of this – Why wouldn’t you believe in God? – is a crude version of Pascal’s Wager.  Pascal’s Wager was simple:  You’re playing a game.  In…

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Categories: Philosophy

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