Between the Lions: An Agnostic’s view of the Theism versus Atheism debate

Enquiries on Atheism

By Robert A. Vella

A close relative of mine, who happens to be a devout Christian, asked me once why I didn’t believe in “God.”  I answered that because there was no evidence supporting the existence of any supernatural being, I could not accept the concept as real.  He responded by claiming that the “evidence” was all around me, in the trees and in the sky and in the flesh of my body.  I replied that all those things are best explained through verifiable science.  He asserted that “God” created science and that I must have faith in “Him.”  I reiterated that my beliefs were based on knowledge, not faith.  The verbal exchange soon ended in frustration and hurt feelings.

I had a similar discussion with a good friend of mine who is an atheist.  He criticized my non-committal position as an agnostic by insisting that my refusal to deny…

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