Greetings Loyal Subscribers!

Greetings loyal subscribers!

I would like to take a moment to apologize for my prolonged absence.  I recently decided to pursue a career that is conducive with my passions – philosophy and history.  For this reason, I’m back in school and have little free time for personal studies.  Hence, my two month hiatus.

I have, however, been periodically studying and taking notes.  My latest efforts produced a re-write of Cultural Diffusion, which I posted earlier.  I invite each of you to read this and provide feedback.  It’s far more robust than the first version, and I’m quite excited since it leads perfectly into the next section.  Sadly, I’m not sure when I’ll be done with the next section.

I will attempt to post quick thoughts and perhaps quotes in between my larger works, so as not to lose your attention.  Also, I will make a concerted effort at visiting each of your sites where I hope to re-engage with you.

Finally, I’d like to take this opportunity to remind each of you that we have a fantastic celebration just around the corner!  In April, a festival that celebrates the vernal equinox will occur – that of Atys.  A tree representing that which Atys’ mutilated body fell under shall be carried to the Palatine Hill in Rome.  Upon the second day all shall search for Atys’ body, accompanied by bursts of trumpet blasts.  On the third day – The Day of Blood – the devout shall wound themselves in the shade of a pine tree.  The fourth – The Hilaria – shall mark Atys’ spiritual resurrection.  On the fifth day, all shall rest.  And finally, on the sixth day the image of Atys shall be taken to the Almo brook, rinsed, and then brought back to the Palatine hill; marking the end of the festival.

Thought that was appropriate for Easter Sunday.

Happy belated vernal equinox!

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  1. I hope school is going well so far. 2:30am here but had to read the long awaited post 🙂

    • It’s going well, though I wish it was over so that I can focus on (what I believe to be) more important things.

      Take your time as I will likely not have a chance to finish the next chapter for a while. Looking forward to catching up on our Immortal Nobody, by the way. I saw Russell’s “A History of Western Philosophy” on my bookshelf the other day, which reminded me of him.

      Hope all is well, take care.

  2. Good to have you back and all the best with school.
    That celebration is indeed appropriate for easter

    • Thanks, Mak. I hope to catch up with your writing tomorrow morning. Also, I haven’t forgotten about our discussion on Nihilism. Very much interested in picking that back up!

      • Indeed we must continue that discussion. You have been gone a long time. I sent you mail recently from your site hope you received it. There is a lot of discussions that have gone on since you last visited, I look forward to your contribution on some of them.

  3. Welcome back into the blogging fold, good luck with the studies!

  4. Had been wondering what had become of you. Pleased to know all is well.


  5. SChool!!!!! I think of it more for the young! haha I suppose we are all always learning…Much success with your studies! Alesia

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