RE: A Terse Explanation for the Finite Nature of Religion

I’m having a hard time trying to express my gratitude for the recent conversation that was held between various WordPress bloggers.  I honestly didn’t expect to partake in such discussions, but I’m really happy to have had the opportunity; so much so that I would like this to continue on a regular basis.  I’ll elaborate on this below, but first, please direct your attention to Fourat’s post below.  This is in response to my response, which was in response to Heathen’s response, which was… you get the idea.  Fourat makes some legitimate points.  I’m finding – similar to my conversation with Richard Polsner – that many of you are making me rethink my position on multiple topics.  I must say, that’s quite exciting.  Anyway, take a look at Fourat’s post and provide an opinion; especially if you hold an opinion that is opposite to his.  Like many of us, Fourat doesn’t shy from challenges.

RE: A Terse Explanation for the Finite Nature of Religion.

Also, check out Persto’s post “Will Religion Die?”  He contributed to this discussion as well.

Now, because I enjoyed this so much, and because other people did as well, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in continuing something similar.  As a suggestion, if I provided a poll with perhaps five topics, as well as the option to submit a topic, would anyone be interested in conducting an informal debate?  We could take a vote for the topic, figure out who wants to contribute, establish a date, and link the homepage of each contributor in your post. In addition to the networking opportunity, I think it would be intellectually beneficial. Think it over.  I’ve broached this with one other blogger and he was interested, so let me know if you are.

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  1. That sounds interesting. I’m in–class permitting, that is.

  2. Yeah, why not….we can throw some meat in the grinder!

  3. Definitely! Looking forward to it.

  4. Looking forward to your next post.

  5. I thought I had commented on this before; it must not have gone through. I am in.

    • Great! I haven’t forgot about this. I’ve been thinking of the best way to conduct these “debates”.

      I figure one of the two options below should work.

      Option 1

      1. Create monthly polls to determine the topic
      2. Identify participants
      3. Have a “Master Post” directing readers to all other posts


      Option 2

      1. Create monthly polls to determine the topic
      2. Identify participants
      3. Create a collaborative blog and allow participants to upload their posts (with a certain level of oversight)

      I’m not sure. What do you think?

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