A letter to Sir Paul Nurse, The Royal Society

A letter to Sir Paul Nurse, The Royal Society.

John Zande has sent a letter to the Royal Society requesting the removal of the Christian calendar era designations BC  and AD, and the adoption of the secular designations BCE and CE.  Moreover, he has provided a recommendation for a new waypoint; one that represents humanity’s achievement as a whole, rather than 1 out of 7 people.   A link to John’s letter can be found above.  Also, please find a link to his petition below.  I highly encourage every one to get involved in this.  Even if you disagree with his recommended waypoint (Thaïs bone), or disagree with the need to re-designate the era altogether, it’s an interesting topic worthy of discussion.


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  1. Reblogged this on The Asifoscope and commented:
    Something worth thinking about. I think AD and BC have to go out. Resetting the starting point of the calendar might be less realistic, but I support the idea because we have to realize how arbitrary and culture-centric the currently used starting point of our calendar is. Information about the Thaïs bone can be found here: http://www2.astronomicalheritage.net/index.php/show-entity?identity=2&idsubentity=1

  2. I added my ‘click’ over at John’s spot. Maybe Sir Terry Pratchett should be offered the chance to do the renaming?
    Maybe something along the lines of: Year of the Wayward Camel. 😉

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