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The purpose of this poll is to gather a sample opinion from both my subscribers and anyone who stumbles upon this blog. I am currently writing a comparative religion piece and would like to include some of your opinions. I also encourage discussion among those who partake in this. I will share the results prior to closing the poll. Thanks for your participation in advance!

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  1. We speak of these things often in our home full of variant opinions and beliefs :). What we seem to agree on is that religion refers to commitments around mysteries, or what is not yet understood “rationally” by humankind. Things like emotion, art, grief, love and the many “whys” that riddle our existences. From these we religiously seek peace or comfort – some ordering of chaos that we are able to carry on existing with – whether that is the fabrication of meaning or placing importance in relationships or memory, family or earth, drugs, labor, or more traditionally organized conceptions of noumenous “religion” as organized creedal agreements and practices around mystery. So it seems to me the “goodness” or “health” of religious impulses varies with the individual and its application, the community and its coherence, and, societally – whether the delusions of safety in relation to mystery promote stabilities and growth of persons, or shunt and wound those same persons.

    • I think you covered most of the common theories surrounding the origins of religion: humans demand explanations, we seek comfort, and it provides order. There are others, but these certainly play a major part. Really well written and informative! Thank you!

  2. Of course, the result you get will not be representative (only of the people who take part). From a social science point of view, the methodology of this study is flawed ;-). But go ahead, I am interested in what comes out.
    Regards, Nannus

  3. Religion poisons everything … Time for society to move beyond belief in how it makes decisions. I say that when unelected bishops in the house of lord’s (upper chamber UK parliament) could not convince enough of their laity to allow them to have women bishops.

    Anarchic, detrimental. Sounds about right.

  4. No offence- but I would say this is far to complicated to address in a simple poll.

    I have read, and studies every major holy text, many minor ones, and countless discussions of such. All contain countless contradictions on many, if not every issue.

    I would argue christianity is one of the worst because of the “vengeful” god presented in the old testament along with the “prince of peace” jesus presented in the new testament…

    And of course, regardless of what religion we are talking about- it all, ultimately comes down to how the individuals interpert it. (yes, the “leaders” play a role in shaping this). And this is not unlike our countries constitution. Words that can define so much- and yet leave so much open to interpretation. (not unlike love as well I would say).

    We live in a society, indeed a world, where people that profess the same faith can hold wildly divergent beliefs while quoting religious texts to support their opinion.

    Whether we are talking of the islamic world and it’s current issues. Israel and their problems. Or christianity here and abroad I would argue things fall into two broad camps. Those that follow in fear- and those that follow in respect. Though I will add, that as virtually every religion tells us, to some extent, man is flawed- that within both these camps things splinter, splinter again, and again based less on the religion then on the influences on the individual from family and society.

    So I guess, from my viewpoint, the problem is not so much religion per se. Which to me is like any mythology, and in some ways not unlike science- in that is in an attempt to explain a complex world.

    And that the failing, ultimately, is that of humans. Which is the same I would say of the major political and economic systems in our world. They are all trying to make sense of a complex world, and the ultimate fatal flaw they all share is…us.

    Sorry…trying to distill such a topic to a few paragraps…well…far greater individuals then me have failed with huge texts so..

    • No offense taken. That’s not what the purpose of this poll was for – I simply wanted an opinion sample. I appreciate your opinion and will include parts – if that’s ok – when I summarize this poll after it has closed. Thanks again!

  5. I think religion is a necessary mode of thinking for uneducated people, who do not have the benefits of science and ethics to understand the world or guide them through it. As for my own path, I started questioning religion when I was 16 years old. I came from a strict Roman Catholic upbringing and was pretty religious when I was a child. As I read more psychology, history, philosophy, science, I just could not believe in religion anymore. However, without the morals I learned to follow as a “good” Catholic girl, I did go wild in my late teens and twenties. It has taken me some time to settle into a broad-based, personal morality/ethics that I think is now informed from the morals my father taught us (probably informed by Christianity/Jesus), and the ethics of what I have come to understand as universally right or wrong in this world. My point is that to take out religion from a person’s life, there has to be something (universal ethics) to replace it, but even the transition takes time and that too, mainly with education. So how can we expect to take religion out when there is still a sizeable majority that is uneducated? My last comment is that this poll will be skewed because mainly educated people who can navigate the Internet to get to this poll would take it, which means naturally “Religion is archaic and a detriment to society” would get the most votes.

    • Yazmine, thanks for taking the time to comment and share your own religious journey. I receive similar questions with respect to alternatives to religion on a regular basis. You’re right! In order to render religion completely obsolete, we would have to replace it with an alternative system. This could be implemented through education, or it could be implemented in the home, as it is today. I think when we really recollect on our moral teachings, most of them came from our parents. You may contend that these teachings were influenced by religious doctrine, but I would argue that they were based on the personal opinions of parents, and the community the child grows up in. If not, how do we explain such drastically different moral codes between Christian denominations? Are they not pulling from the same doctrine? Morality, initially, has more to do with the community than religion – even if that community is extremely religious. As the mind changes to become more analytical, education must be ready to step in. Reforming the way we educate people is an entirely different issue in need of tackling, and I believe it should come first, but that doesn’t mean we should stop making progress in other fronts.

      As for the scientific accuracy of this poll: yes, I’m aware that it will be skewed. However, to be honest I expected more people to be in favor of religion as there are significantly more religious people on WordPress than agnostics or atheists. Anyway, it’s more of a reflection of my subscribers than anything, and I’m interested in seeing what they think. Again, thanks for commenting; I hope you stop by again!

  6. I took your poll although I may be too late.

    Actually I was looking for a post that I could respond to and one that I could understand. lol

    I probably agree with the majority of those answering the poll. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    • Greatly appreciated! I am keeping the poll open for longer than I intended. For some reason people view this poll a lot, but I haven’t had the best participation. Anyway, I figure I’ll let the total reach 50 before closing it.

      By the way, I really enjoyed your poetry. I noticed you said that you occasionally have problems understanding poetry, which I was able to relate to. Every discipline requires a certain level of familiarity. I don’t read poetry often enough, so don’t feel bad if you don’t understand my philosophy. It took me a few years before I understood how everything fit together; and I’m still completely wrong on multiple fronts. Anyway, hope you return – perhaps we will teach eachother. πŸ˜‰

    • ladysighs, you couldn’t have said it better. In fact if I had gotten here first, you would have been the one saying that I couldn’t have said it better.

      And now that I have confused our good host…….. 😦

  7. If we are going to say that an opinion poll on religion does not do religion justice … then, we also must point out that Rotten Tomatoes was unfair to the new Hobbit movie. I didn’t see this movie; however, the trailer did involve a wise looking man with long white/grey hair and a long white/grey beard.

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